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Widget for your website

Are you the site owner about the earnings in the Internet? HYIP-Monitoring? Blog about the investments themes?

Indulge your website users living informer "New HYIP-projects". Informer couple of lines of code embedded in any place of your site and displays real-time screenshots just opened investment programs.

Your site visitors will no longer have to search for the information about the new HYIP on other resources.

The main features of the widget

  • The widget shows the screenshot, the name, date and time (MSK) launch fresh projects. Is updated automatically every 5 minutes.
  • If you are a regular participant of investment programs, then under the screenshots of the widget (for projects on "GoldCoders", "H-SCRIPT", "AS HYIP", "ShadowScripts") may automatically display your referral link.
  • Clicking on the link "technical analysis", the user receives detailed and accurate analysis of the technical characteristics of the project, including uniqueness of design.

Code to insert into your website:

Changing parameters in the URL:

  • n_num - number of new sites (max 20)
  • n_width - width screenshot of the website (max 200)
  • ref - your login in HYIP-projects (max 20 characters)

Changing the width div'and #isp_feed_div can be placed skrinshoty vertically, horizontally or in a few lines.

Like this widget will look on your site:

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Deposits yesterday 14.06.2024

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Deposits via monitors yesterday 14.06.2024

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