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ISPLogin - new era in the industry!

We represent ISPLogin - a system of quick registration and authorization in HYIP projects, on monitoring sites, forums, blogs, etc.

ISPLogin works the same way as “login via VKontakte” or “Facebook login”. But there is a significant difference.

A registered ISP user is asked to fill out his ISPLogin profile. Which indicates the data usually required for registration in HYIPs. Like: login, email, wallet numbers in various payment systems. A profile is filled once, and then its data is passed on to those sites where authorization takes place through an ISP.

What is ISPLogin for users-investors?

Conveniently! No more tedious registrations, entering captchas, filling in fields with wallets, etc. in HYIPs and monitoring monitoring sites! One click - and you are registered and authorized, and the necessary data is automatically filled in on the authorizing site. By the way, within one ISP account there can be several ISPLogin profiles with different data.

Safely! Since you did not enter passwords during registration, the attackers will not be able to pick up or steal them from you. Only you can login using your ISP account.

What is ISPLogin for owners of HYIPs, blogs, monitoring, forums, etc.?

Users do not like to register. Having seen on your site a footcloth of fields that must be filled in to register with your service - most will simply leave the site. Register will only be at least necessary. But once click on the button "Login via InvestorsStartPage" - it's easy. Therefore, inevitably, the number of registrations on your site will increase significantly.

What resources is ISPLogin currently supported on?

Completed work on integrating the system into the popular H-script. We are waiting for the first investment projects on this script with support for the login through the ISP.

And if you are thinking about your own HYIP project and choose a ready-made script for it, here's a tip for you: “H-script choose, Admin! It has ISPLogin!” However, it is also not difficult to integrate the system into a unique script.

Other thematic resources with ISPLogin support:

An ISPLogin user profile link is in the top ISP menu. Or here:

Technical documentation for integrating the ISPLogin system into your sites here:

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